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Some cartoons have a mature theme: This is a blanket warning for sex, bad language, themes of abuse, and mental health issues. 

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1-I needed to tell you
3-Chill Baby
4-Waking up
5-Everybody Lies
7-Painted Smiles
10-I'm Sorry
12-Left Me
12-What's The Point?
13-Oh Katy
15-Waiting For A Bus
16-Fun At The Time
17-Get Laid
18-Lie Down
19-Bought A Boat
20-I Miss Us
21-Good Wives
22-We Killed Yours
23-I left my sense of humour on the northern line
25-Who are you?
26-Ignore you
28-I made a mistake
29-I hate girlfriends
31-Oh! Mr. Celebrity! 
32-A Girl Thing
33-Maybe If I Were Thinner
34-What her boyfriend doesn't know
35-Gone to tidy my room.
36-People that bite...
39-Pretty When You're Drunk
40-Likes To Think She's Cool
41-Almond Slices
42-Breasts And Concentration
44-Cigarettes and Red Wine
45-Run away with me
46-You're so Dull (Suicide/SI trigger)
47-Love Actually?
48-To Be Honest
49-Oh Don't Worry About It
50-This Morning
51-You know I still like you... Right?
52-Always Just Friends
54-Beneath The Tree
55-Too Hot For Covers
57-Late Night Entertainment
58-I Guess I Owe You A Heart
59-If You're Letting Go
60-When I Look At You
61-Feels Like I Failed A Test
63-Cards On The Table
64-Make Me Buff!
65-Cinderella Dream
66-A Happy Medium
68-Streets Of London Town
73-It's Really Wrong
74-Cops And Robbers
75-Oh Just Piss Off And Die
75-Take A Picture
76-Bad Days
77-Stamped On The Sole Of Your Foot
78-Texts I Didn't Send #1
79-Waste Of Time
80-Texts I Didn't Send #2
81-The Good Ones
82-Touch Me Now
83-Texts I Didn't Send #3
84-Nobody Knows
85-I Left My Heart On The Central Line
86-I Saw The Light Go Out
87-Waiting For A Bus 2
88-Waiting For A Bus 3
89-I Won't Cry
90-Girl On The Tube Banner
92-The Silence
93-Texts I Didn't Send #4
94-Sorry About That
95-Not A Very Nice Person
96-I Found A Box
97-I Don't Like
98-From The Bottom Of My Pencil Case
99-What I Won't Share
100-The Undeniable Fact

101 onwards

1-Stare Up To Darkness

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